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So, my teachers FORGOT to tell me that I could leave my books in their classrooms! History, and health. Then my Geometry book stays at home along with my English book. So the only book I have to carry is my Grammar book every Tuesday and Thursday for English. Which my English teacher “Forgot” to tell me that we do Grammar on Tuesdays and Thursdays…The joys of being new!
I met all of the “American” kids at the school yesterday. Meaning, they were all born in America. There’s six of them all together. Quite a weird bunch.
My Biology teacher said she ordered frogs, worms and cow’s eyes for us to disect today… YUCK! I so am not doing that! She also said we might do a sheep’s heart, then I almost started crying. Frogs are bad enough!
Looks like I won’t be able to bring Guido to school for a while. The Principal is being really nice, and she wants to be educated but they’re all freaking out about “Liability” Seriously they think a yellow lab puppy is gonna bite someone? Yeah, especially Guido, he’s so mean. Delaney growled, but I don’t think he ever would’ve bit, and plus I STOPPED bringing him to school then! Ugh.
By the way, Delaney was placed with Mike Shanahan, pretty cool huh?! I don’t know though, I think it would’ve been better if he went to a family that kept in touch. :o/ What can ya do?
More Soon,
Kaitlyn & Guido


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I started school at a Charter School which means they don’t have to follow the rules of the school district. That means,
No gum, flip flops, Shorts?!?, and you’re not even allowed to hold hands with the opposite sex. It’s so…different. Plus we have to carry our books to and from school everyday because they don’t have two sets like Chico High does. That means three or four text books. And most of the teachers require you to have a binder just for their class. It won’t even all fit in my backpack! So, that’s the most recent news…
Today was Country in the Park and I’m exhausted. And for some reason my mom and I aren’t getting along today… and I’m really irritated with everything she does. Is this just me or do other people have these days too? :o( I HATE it!
Also, at Country in the Park, I bought a baby duck for $5, and I’m keeping him out at the horse rescue. He’s cute! (duh) I think I’m going to name him Vino because they have two ducks named Cheese & Quackers, and Vino means Wine in Spanish :o)
I’m missing Chico like crazy!
Love ya All,
Kaitlyn & Guido

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Independent Study

Well…Wednesday I thought I was going in for “Testing” But it turned out to be, well, I wouldn’t call it testing! I had to answer questions in five to seven sentences. Questions like, “How will you be responsible at Options For Youth?” (That’s the school’s name) And “How can the teachers here help you accomplish your dream?” After that, I had to read about 10 different short stories and answer questions on each of them. Boorrriingg.

I sure hope this is a short term thing. Most of the kids there came unprepared, didn’t care about their work, their teachers had to pry it out of them. This shall be an interesting journey!!!

I’m getting Guido back tomorrow, so that’ll be good! I’m going to Lindsey’s next week, so I don’t know how that’s going to go, with Guido going with me…


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