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So, I ended up staying in Chico for three weeks! Well, I wasn’t IN Chico the whole time because I went to church camp (which was amazing). In between I stayed with Kathleen and Brandon. It was really nice to be away from “home.”
Columbo’s been kind of sick so I’ve been feeding him three times a day trying to get weight back on him.
I was approved for Gastric Bypass, so I’ll be having surgery this year! I’m nervous and excited at the same time…
Raelyn was adopted by a lady in Roseville, so we might go see her this weekend! I’m so glad the adopters are keeping in touch!


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What’s new?

Well…we’ve been living in Sacramento for about five months now. It doesn’t seem like it has been that long. Seems like just yesterday I was packing my room up. Someone else is now living in our old house, hopefully enjoying it as much as I did…

The 16th was my 16th birthday…that was fun! We went to Chico for the day and my mom threw me a surprise party at Enricos. Everyone was there! Then I spent the night at Lindsey’s :oD Good times :o)

I got my hair cut, layered for the first time EVER! It’s pretty! I like it :o)

I decided I’m going to stay at this Charter school for now. They’re letting me bring my dogs to school everyday, and they even let me bring a crate in the office for P.E.. So, I’ll finish up this year and then we’ll see what happens. In the meantime, I’m learning some Russian! :o)

Guido is going through another phase…hopefully he’ll get over it before he goes back for training. :o/ I love that dog! I should’ve named him Goofy!

Christmas is tomorrow, I cannot believe how it sneaks up on me, every single year! How does it do it?

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I started school at a Charter School which means they don’t have to follow the rules of the school district. That means,
No gum, flip flops, Shorts?!?, and you’re not even allowed to hold hands with the opposite sex. It’s so…different. Plus we have to carry our books to and from school everyday because they don’t have two sets like Chico High does. That means three or four text books. And most of the teachers require you to have a binder just for their class. It won’t even all fit in my backpack! So, that’s the most recent news…
Today was Country in the Park and I’m exhausted. And for some reason my mom and I aren’t getting along today… and I’m really irritated with everything she does. Is this just me or do other people have these days too? :o( I HATE it!
Also, at Country in the Park, I bought a baby duck for $5, and I’m keeping him out at the horse rescue. He’s cute! (duh) I think I’m going to name him Vino because they have two ducks named Cheese & Quackers, and Vino means Wine in Spanish :o)
I’m missing Chico like crazy!
Love ya All,
Kaitlyn & Guido

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Horses, And A Room <3

Time flies! So much has happened in just one week! I…

  1. Moved into my room last Friday
  2. Started Volunteering at a horse rescue on Saturday
  3. Moved the rest of the things that were in Chico on Sunday
  4. Unpacked ALOT on Monday

That is basically what has happened so far. I’m going to the Independent Study again tomorrow, NOT taking Guido this time ;o) Hopefully my teacher will give me some work to do during the week, so I won’t die of boredom.

Check out the horse rescue if you want… http://www.jdacres.org/

Also, I’m going to “Country In The Park” it’s at a ranch and JD Acres is going to have a booth there, so I’m face painting and helping with “Pictures with the ponies.” Should be fun, there’s 5 different country artists going to be there. Sawyer Brown, Kellie Pickler, Gary Allan, Bucky Covington and Carmen Rasmusen.

Also, just a side note to throw out there…I’m working on a children’s book about Guide Dogs. Dunno if I’ll ever even try to get it published, but just the thought.

More later,

Kaitlyn & Guido

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