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Recall Date

Yes, the dreaded recall date has come for my Lumbo 😦

He’s going back the weekend of May 2nd.  I am having my gastric bypass on March 12th, so he will be moving around a lot with people in our club. Our club is absolutely amazing! Everyone wants to take him for us! 🙂

He will be well taken care of while I rest up until I can take care of him again, and my mom will be getting him on weekends so I can see him then!

That’s all for now!

Kaitlyn & Columbo


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Health…And A Puppy.

We went to Stanford on October 10th. Not much is new…they finally sent the insurance letter and we should know in about a week whether the insurance will approve it, or if we’ll be fighting them for awhile. Which would stink because then it would take longer! Oh, and insurances are really starting to bug me!

I was on HealthNet, but they denied me even going to Stanford in the first place, so now I’m on Healthy Families…cross your fingers that they accept it! I had to try the liquid diet and puree diet for one day each, and that wasn’t so bad. I think if I make myself think it’s going to be worse than it actually is…it makes it easier! heh…

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I go back to Stanford on November 21st. Surgery isn’t scheduled yet, should be in December or January. I am fourth on the waiting list!

I’m getting a new guide dog puppy on the 25th! It’s just a starter puppy for my friend Kay, who’s a leader in Chico. She’s going to take Columbo for a couple months while I start her puppy, then we’ll switch back. I’m excited to have a new baby! Even if it is only for a little while…

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