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Went out to the horse rescue yesterday…and Jenni said she’s gonna let me ride her horse next weekend. So I’m excited about that… And I got to see Vino, my duckling! He’s adorable! (I know I’m silly, but I think all baby animals are cute) *with some exceptions. :o)

I gave the dogs a bath today, in my jeans :o) Go ahead, tell me how stupid THAT was! I was soaked! Then, right after I finished, Daisy decided she wanted to roll in the dirt, so I had to wash her AGAIN! Dumb dog!

Caden, Doug’s german shepherd absolutely adores me for some reason… If I’m across the room from Doug and I yell “OW!” Caden goes and barks at Doug, like he’s somehow hurting me from across the room. :o) I like this dog!

Guido, is still Guido. Full of energy and cannot stop moving/licking/running/jumping. :o)

Even though it’s getting windy, we’re still swimming in P.E. I’m glad I have it 6th period, cuz’ even at 2:10 the pool’s cold!

More Later,
Kaitlyn, Daisy, Caden, & Guido


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