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Sick and Tired

I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired! Another sinus infection has come along..and if you know anything about my past, you know this is nothin’ new. I am on 2000 MG of Augmentin TWICE a day!!! And it’s not going away! I’ve been on this for three days now! What is wrong with me?!?
I hate rain, because it means I can’t be out with the horses! I seriously feel like I’m “praying” for it to be sunny. Not literally, I don’t need sun, I want it. But still…
And I AM praying I DO NOT have a 104 fever on my birthday this year because THAT would SUCK! It IS my sixteenth! Exactly two months from TODAY peoples!
Thats my news… I also went to Stanford, but I am not willing to talk about that on a Blog…ask me if you wanna’ know more.
~Kaitlyn & Guido


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