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Hi All,

Thank you for your continued support! It is much appreciated. Persimmon had a blockage from something she ate in her new home. She had to have surgery to remove the obstruction, which caused the family to surrender her back to Guide Dogs because they could not afford the care. For this, I am thankful, as she was very close to death.

I was lucky enough to be able to foster her for three days after her surgery. My poor baby girl Persimmon had a 12 inch incision down her belly and was in a LOT of pain, despite wearing a pain patch and being on pain medication. Celeste took her back to GDB campus where she was supposed to be placed in a foster home. I later found out that there was trouble with her sutures and a small infection, so she was kept (and is still) at Guide Dogs campus, getting several warm packs on her tummy a day. I am worried about her and I miss her so so much but I am glad she is in good hands. Hopefully she will be placed in a great home with people who will keep in touch. She is an amazing dog and I will miss her!

Meanwhile, I have #10 Guide Dog Puppy Nivia. She is a female yellow Labrador, born 2/24/11 to Jenkins and Dia. It was a small litter-3 puppies and I still don’t know where the others are or what their names are yet. I love Nivia already! She has been an easy puppy from day 1 and has a great temperament so far! She has very nice parents too! 🙂

Here is a picture of her

Nivia at 11 weeks sleeping on Gatsby



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