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Sad news…Persimmon was career changed after only two weeks of being in the kennel. She didn’t pass her Physical test and Xrays showed that she has 8 vertebrae in her back. Normal for dogs is 7. The vet said that this normally does not cause a problem and there are working guides with 8 vertebrae but one of hers had narrowing of the bone, which caused discomfort.

I placed her with a family here in the Sacramento area. She is very happy with them and I think it was a good fit. They changed her name to Bella, for unknown reasons to me. I’m still adjusting. Honestly it feels like a slap in the face. But I have to let go.

Good news is, I got a new puppy. Welcome Nivia, Guide Dog Puppy #10 for me, and #12 Service Dog, #15 for my whole family. Nivia (Niv-ee-ah) is 10 weeks old. Born 2.24.11. She has two littermates, one boy and one girl. I’m not sure where they are or what their names are yet. The parents are Jenkins X Dia. Both very nice breeders! 🙂

Here is Nivia!


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