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Little update on Miss “P.” Her fear issues have gotten a lot better! She was evaluated by our CFR and she thinks Persimmon would be great for an older, or laid back person. Or there’s a possibility of her becoming a breeder too.

She finally went into heat and was at Guide Dogs boarding when the whole Parvo outbreak happened. Yikes! I got her back 2 days before they officially announced that it was a Parvo outbreak. She was on quarantine for about a week at my house before they took all adult dogs off of quarantine because it had only affected the puppy kennels.

Persimmon will be 14 months on 2/11/11. I can’t believe it. This year has gone way too fast! Our CFR said she will probably go back for recall in two months. I hope and pray that she is not career changed for health issues!

Oh, and her dad, Danny (who I raised) was retired. He had a benign lump on his leg so they decided to neuter him when they did surgery to remove that. Plus they’re using his brother Denzel and his sister Dale for breeding as well. Denzel produces some nice pups!

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Kaitlyn, Gatsby, & Persimmon


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