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Puppy Update!!!

Hi all!

Sorry to all of you who have been following my blog! I’ve been away from home for quite awhile….read more about that in my personal blog! kaitlynjoseph.wordpress.com

Columbo did eventually go to D4D! Yay! As far as I know he’s placed with a woman in Fresno, CA. He will most likely be graduating February 20th, I can’t wait!

Sadly, I have been away from puppies for a few months,  but I have finally gotten a new one! He’s not a GDB puppy though. His name is Victor and I’m raising him for D4D. He was given to them by GDB when he was nine weeks old for pigeon toed feet, but he’s mostly grown out of it. He’s 10 months old and he’s a black lab. His parents are Tate and Michelle, anyone heard of them?

Life is good, now that I’ve got a puppy again 🙂




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