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Missing My Baby!

Well…right now Columbo is being passed around between people in our club. I swear they were practically fighting over who was going to watch him while I had surgery and recovered enough to take care of him! It was funny to watch.

I get my Lumbo back tonight so I can have him with me for my follow up appointments tomorrow at Stanford. But then he goes back to the sitter tomorrow night 😦 But I do get him back on Friday night or Saturday afternoon! 🙂 Then we’ll go from there and see if I still need him puppy sat or not. I sure do miss him though!

That’s all for now!
~Kaitlyn and Columbo


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Recall Date

Yes, the dreaded recall date has come for my Lumbo 😦

He’s going back the weekend of May 2nd.  I am having my gastric bypass on March 12th, so he will be moving around a lot with people in our club. Our club is absolutely amazing! Everyone wants to take him for us! 🙂

He will be well taken care of while I rest up until I can take care of him again, and my mom will be getting him on weekends so I can see him then!

That’s all for now!

Kaitlyn & Columbo

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