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Well, so far summer’s ok…Columbo’s very smart and learning fast (when he’s not sleeping). Other than that, it’s been quite boring…

This weekend we’re headed to Chico, so I’ll get to see some friends! When mom and Doug go to Oregon for the Fourth of July I’m going to stay with Kathleen and then maybe Brandon. So I’ll be in Chico for about 10 days or so…

I’ve gotta go get ready for the guide dog meeting,
more later,


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Life stinks right now! Guido was career changed and Raelyn was also career changed in the same month. Guido had a cataract in his right eye, and Raelyn was afraid of crowds.
I got a new puppy, he’ll be 11 weeks today. His name is Columbo, male yellow lab. His parents are Baker/Joyann. He’s very calm for a puppy, I hope he stays that way!

My summer has been sort of boring, and frustrating. Two of my friends in Chico had to evacuate from the fires. I’m not sure who I’m going to stay with when I go to Chico for the 4th of July because Ryan is staying with Brandon now, since our dad moved back to Washington. I’d stay with Lindsey but she’s going to be gone.

At least I’ll be a Junior next year…and I’m almost aproved to have the surgery.
More later,

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