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What’s new?

Well…we’ve been living in Sacramento for about five months now. It doesn’t seem like it has been that long. Seems like just yesterday I was packing my room up. Someone else is now living in our old house, hopefully enjoying it as much as I did…

The 16th was my 16th birthday…that was fun! We went to Chico for the day and my mom threw me a surprise party at Enricos. Everyone was there! Then I spent the night at Lindsey’s :oD Good times :o)

I got my hair cut, layered for the first time EVER! It’s pretty! I like it :o)

I decided I’m going to stay at this Charter school for now. They’re letting me bring my dogs to school everyday, and they even let me bring a crate in the office for P.E.. So, I’ll finish up this year and then we’ll see what happens. In the meantime, I’m learning some Russian! :o)

Guido is going through another phase…hopefully he’ll get over it before he goes back for training. :o/ I love that dog! I should’ve named him Goofy!

Christmas is tomorrow, I cannot believe how it sneaks up on me, every single year! How does it do it?


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Guide Dogs

All of you who are wondering, my presentation went wonderfully! Besides me stumbling a few times (to be expected) I don’t think I could’ve asked for better! I’m very proud of myself! There was about half of the school there so about 200 kids. I was SCARED! But when I start talking dogs I guess nothing bothers me :o) Not even 200 people! Pretty cool huh?
Also, my principal got it approved for me to bring Guido to school everyday. That will be good for his last months of training… at least he’s with me now!
Kaitlyn, Daisy, Caden, & Guido

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Does life just FLY by or what? Yesterday, I thought I was starting seventh grade, shaking my knees because I had to change in “the locker room.” :oD Now, I’m halfway done with 10th grade and turning 16 in 10 days… Where did my life go?

Guido is due to go back for training, probably within the next 3-5 months. He is so ready! He wants to GO GO GO! And there is nothing he loves better than when I tell him he’s good and give him a kiss :o) Sometimes he gets so excited, he snorts! Hehehe!

Thanks (Spaceeba) for reading my blog! See I’m learning Russian! hehehe
Kaitlyn, Daisy, Caden, & Guido

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