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So the principal from Casa Roble High called my mom yesterday to ask her some stuff, that’s the school I want to go to. I guess he called back today and said they didn’t have enough room for any more Sophmores… what’s one more?!? He said check back in January…great. So now I’m really STUCK with Independent Study.
Baby Guido ^
And I think the teacher there officially hates me, because I brought in Guido and she told me “We don’t allow kids to bring their pets here” Emphasizing the word pets. That kind of ticked me off a little, so I think I got a little rude. I said “He’s NOT a pet he’s a service dog.” Which is true, he’s a service dog in training. But she made Doug take him back home anyway so she could talk with her Area Supervisor. Whatever. I have never had a problem with anywhere else. Plus there’s like 15-20 kids there Maximum… So she took me over to a computer, signed me in to do a math test, and didn’t come back until it was time for me to go.

My mom’s van got messed up again, (duh, it’s a Ford) so she FINALLY traded it in. She got a 2007 Toyota Corolla. It’s pretty nice, Gold/Tan color, but personally I don’t like cars, especially for dogs. Too small. But it does get really good MPG.

Anyways…that’s what has happened since the 25th!


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School & Life!

I got Guido back today! I think he forgot everything! Well, not really, but he “pretends” to so he doesn’t have to do stuff. Nice try buddy boy! lol I missed him though, and I’m glad to have him back, even if our house is cramped with three BIG dogs!
I’m not going to Lindsey’s next week after all. School, if you even want to call it that, starts this Wednesday. I only have to meet with a teacher two hours a week… The rest of the week I work four hours a day, by myself! I just don’t know if I’m motivated enough… I guess I’m going to have to be. :o/

I’ll be in Chico Sunday, to pack the rest of my crap and load up some stuff up to take back. We’re not staying the night though…just Sunday.

I have come to the conclusion that Sacramento has the same exact stores as Chico, it’s just bigger, with more people, and more useless CRAP that you’ll never need! I thought Chico was getting big…geez!

~More Later
Kaitlyn & Guido

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Independent Study

Well…Wednesday I thought I was going in for “Testing” But it turned out to be, well, I wouldn’t call it testing! I had to answer questions in five to seven sentences. Questions like, “How will you be responsible at Options For Youth?” (That’s the school’s name) And “How can the teachers here help you accomplish your dream?” After that, I had to read about 10 different short stories and answer questions on each of them. Boorrriingg.

I sure hope this is a short term thing. Most of the kids there came unprepared, didn’t care about their work, their teachers had to pry it out of them. This shall be an interesting journey!!!

I’m getting Guido back tomorrow, so that’ll be good! I’m going to Lindsey’s next week, so I don’t know how that’s going to go, with Guido going with me…


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Moving 8/20/07

So…we get here and my room…supposed to be done right? But it’s not. The guy putting the tile in, (who’s actually our neighbor) just started putting in the tile yesterday…so it won’t be done til like, Mondayish. So right now, I’m kind of lost. I have nowhere to go, all my stuff is just in the living room and I’m sleeping on the couch… I feel like, I’m visiting for three years, just a temporary thing…

I sure hope that feeling goes away, but for now, I MISS CHICO!!! Sacramento is WAY TOO BIG!!! I wish I at least had a room to hide in, but no such luck. If it weren’t for God right now, I don’t know what I’d do!

I’ve been trying to write a book about Guide Dogs, but haven’t gotten too far. I’m wondering if writing a chapter book would be easier than writing a children’s book…not sure?

I’ve got a meeting with the Independent Study school on Wednesday, so we’ll see how that goes. Wish me good luck!

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Just Starting Out

Thought I’d try out this blogging thing. I always seem to forget about the journals. Mom’s getting married this Sunday, and then we’ll be moving to Sacramento. That should be interesting… I’ll be doing Independent Study for awhile since all the schools have waiting lists…which I’m not too thrilled about, but life happens! Hopefully I’ll be in school and doing FFA by next year.

I just got baptized about two weeks ago. For years I struggled, thinking that it would be some magical “feeling” where I would just know him, and now that I know it is not, I have accepted Jesus and am slowly creating a relationship with him. It’s harder than it looks!!!

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